General notes

ICTS Burundi is a company working in the ICT sector (Information and Communication Technology) with multivariate sectors, is an IT company with a commercial and innovative mission.

ICTS Burundi collaborates with all public and private institutions. The company ICTS Burundi safely provides services to partner companies and operates throughout the national territory.

  1. Business, Administrative & Contact Information
  2. Business name: ICTS Burundi
  3. Business type: A commercial Enterprise
  4. Company Commercial Register: 22596/19
  5. Tax Identification Number: 4001371147
  6. Tel: +257 77421933, +257 69598408
  7. E-mail: info@icts.bi
  8. Physical address: No.1, Street: Cenquantenaire, Kigobe Sud, Gihosha, Ntahangwa, Bujumbura     


  • Introduction
  1. Company History
ICT Solution Burundi "ICTS Burundi in acronym" was born on 24/10/2019, and has its head office in Bujumbura town hall with the possibility of opening its agencies throughout the territory of Burundi
  • What the company does?
As an IT company, ICTS BURUNDI performs several IT services always to the satisfaction of our partners and customers with the aim of promoting ICT in Burundi.
The services offered are as follows:
Design and production of various applications 
Website design
IT maintenance (Company maintenance and routine maintenance)
IT consultancy
IT audit
Installation of videoconferencing systems
Design and Installation of computer networks (computer cabling, installation and configuration of network equipment, etc.)
Installation and configuration of surveillance cameras
Installation of biometric pointing systems (for the good management of Human Resources)
Supply and Installation of operating systems in computers;
Basic and advanced computer training (in class and online);
Supply and sales of office automation and computer equipment;
Public Secretariat (Writing, binding, making various cards, etc.).
  • Strategy
    • Vision statement
ICT Solution Burundi, as an IT company in a country where IT is in its nascent phase, relying on its highly experienced team of experts, in its future plans to do a lot of innovation in the IT field in Burundi.
In its “ICTS Online” program, ICT Solutions Burundi will put online a system of sale-purchase (e-commerce) as well as online learning (e-learning), these are very beneficial systems for buyers and consumers. Sellers but also for students and teachers. And this platform has already been designed, it only remains to put it online for use. Another decision-making support system for national and international entrepreneurs is under development. This is the online exam or test system.
  • Mission statement
The main mission of ICTS Burundi is the promotion of ICT in the country by working together with public and private institutions.
  • Values
Our professionalism ensures serenity for our clients and partners:
Compliance with commitments. ...
Listen. ...
Specialization. ...
Methodology and Agility...
  • Completed projects, Current customers & projects

Since its existence, for a period, only one year, ICTS BURUNDI has done a lot of activities for its customers and partners. They are among others the following:

Public Secretariat, always available at the office

Computer cabling in the INSS 2 building housing the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation;

Design of professional websites for the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism

Computer maintenance at the Embassy of the Russian Federal Republic in Burundi

Installation of operating systems in computers

Design of the greeting cards of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Design of badges for Radio Fréquence Menya (RFM) staff

Business card design

Assistance and implementation of a conference vision at ENA

Assistance and configuration of a conference vision for an activity with AU partners at the Tiggers Hotel;

Sale of computer and its equipment in our shop at SOUTH KIGOBE.

Thank you for taking the time to go through this ICTS BURUNDI profile. If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.